9 Positive Words You Should Say to Your Kids Every Day


We should always make sure that our kids don’t feel that negativity has more value than positivity. So we should always choose positive words and phrases when talking to them so that they feel good inside and out and will be good for there up bringing. You should always express your love to your children. There are infinite ways to do that. Best way is choice of words.



In this video there are collection of positive words that you should say to your kids almost daily to make them feel good every single day.



  1. 1- Friends are like flowers yes but not more , it is for real friends , sometimes you reach they are like Poppy & as enemy for you . 2- More my experiences like lessons can learn( if I married and have daughter )to her like have hope in giggle world , one of kinds art , and any I cannot to reach after more trying … smile even between in hard , sad … or lost deres be patient , life have up and down , save your belief , not be depressed , entreaty , in helping like sun full of brightness and career of life come and gone you can with serenity , cosmos full of celestial for build your life , not regard with contempt anyone . 3- I confidence in 7 lessons a few of what i said can cane in it, may be twice a week i visit your good site but not forget you ,one of my friends you are really . Thank you and bye till another time .


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