1. Sometimes yes you are right but they who have not heart, not diffrence with Iron, can not your friend, they whatever wanted do it in not good ways. I think they not find love’s or friend’s means . Thank you my good friends !!!! You wanted I more update so why not your stories update this year is 2018 , may be you are so busy and forget it ………
    Tamina Freshness

  2. To enjoy of energi is deep and famous sentenses so whatever have that , it’s enjoy to become more . First throw out all commendations, try yourself take inform and wisdom . Not bad one day may be I will as author . nobody know…. thank yoooooooooooooou.But why not like me dear Alishba ?
    Tamina Freshness

  3. so good matter but can you trust me and let me enjoy for a few time today I check mail never you sent me , no problem so sometimes anything not your favorite or choosing , thank you and see post of Miss Khan , may be your author or admin . Your site more take time for showin , loading .
    Aftab Aryaei

  4. oh my mistake in typing and this is right: next time – at a sitution in your…-attitude – Sorry you don’t prevail on me , not try to find another sun , because sun not one , near of it more suns with names: Love, kindness , goodness, clear mind and heart . Oh yeah your heart missing me ? really so words so short for reading dear Alishba may be you are Gender or Female i don’t know likd dear Facebook I like Faceook , Google , yahoo and all of big site international , sometimes i mistake in use 3 language and in typing because very exprese and I am only God’s Human . Honey send me its , nature , flowers and what my favorite , well tell to your hear for what result miss me like this love poem …
    Thank you -Samira


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