I Wish Quotes


What you wish or wishing for your love?

Sometime we wish to say all things to love that is in our mind. These quotes perfect match to what we think for our love.

Read and share.



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  1. Oh yes if it is true , set yourself earnestly to see what your are made to do, & then se yourself earnestly to do it … the loftier your purpose is the more sure you will be to make the world richer with every enrichment of yourself , believe in yourself but don’t be overconfident, be satisied but know that you can always improve , love
    one of wonderful sense in our heart , mind accept it graciously . Be glad … just for being the wonderful person that you are .

  2. However at now I have not mate in my life but anyhow sympathetic with my mind , heart , give me cofidence and I confession only God true my friend for ever , any say about this matter need so sit , elegance , oh if you find a person like this flowers and have really sweet words that i read , in his heart please send for me !!!
    Thank you – Samira


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