Dry Skin Treatment


Skin is the most important organ of our body whose care is very essential and Dry Skin is the most common skin problem specially in winter, cause low humidity . Winter season badly dries skin, and snatches its natural moisture and attraction as well, it becomes dry and chapped. Skin needs to retain its natural moisture.




Here we are sharing some dry skin treatment.

Dry Skin Treatment


* Keep bath short.

* Use warm water (not hot).

* Avoid alcoholic products and use mild cleanser and mild soap.

* Don’t rub, pat your skin dry with soft towel.

* Use bath oil and thick, greasy moisturizer daily. Apply it just after bath or shower when skin is still damp.

* Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

* Avoid scrubbing dry skin patches.

* Before going to bed apply right kind of moisturizer on face, neck,┬áhands and feet. Don’t forget to apply oil based lip balm on lips.

* Protect your king from wind by covering face and other parts of body.

* If the air is dry use a humidifier.


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