Tips For Skin Care In Summer


In summers usually we have to take extra care of our skin, especially those who have oily skin they get more frustrated with excessive oil and the problems it cause.
There are so many ways to take care of your skin in summer, tips and home remedies which will help you a lot.
We will provide you all the information which you are looking. So stop worrying and be ready to make your skin better in this hot summer.








1. Most important in summer is to drink plenty of water. It makes your skin very clean and lustrous.

2. Clean your face with milk because it is the best natural cleanser

3. Don’t go out in sun it will have a bad effect on your skin.

4. Use less spices and eat more salads and fruits.

5. Avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

6. Use sunscreen when going out to protect your skin from sun.

7. Reduce the intake of oily foods or fast foods.

8. Do spray rose water on your face to make it cool and fresh.

9. Take a cool shower everyday to make stay away from acne problems.

10. Wear hats and caps and take umbrella with you before going in hot summer.

11. Eat watermelon because it is rich in antioxidants.

12. Swipe strawberry on your face for 2 minutes, then rinse off. It is best skin tone in summer.

13. Eat vitamin C and vitamin E for less sunburn.

14. Apply carrot juice on your face in summers for fresh and fair skin.

15.  Aloe Vera gel will helps you in making your skin beautiful in summers.


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