Tips To Control High Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If it rises it is called High blood pressure which can be dangerous for you because it can damage your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and other parts of your body.



High Blood Pressure Causes


* Blood pressure can be due to some medical problems like if one is having chronic kidney disease, thyroid disease or sleep apnea.

* In some women it can be due to birth control pills, pregnancy, or hormone therapy.

* Being over weight

* Lack of physical activities.

* Genetic.

* If young child is having High Blood Pressure it may be due to kidney disease and if elder child is having HBP the more likely he or she is to have essential hypertension.

* Alcohol and drugs use.

* Regularly high intake of salt (exceeding 6gm per day).

* High level stress.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms


High blood pressure usually itself has no symptoms, headaches may occur but very rarely. That is the reason it often labeled as “Silent Killer”. One can have High Blood Pressure without knowing it for years. The only way to know is to measure your blood pressure.



Tips To Control High Blood Pressure


By having a healthy lifestyle you can lower your blood pressure and can stay away from many health problems.

Following are the ways which will be helpful for you to control your high blood pressure.

1. Take healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables mainly all those which has more potassium and fiber.

2. Smoking raise your risk for High Blood Pressure so quite smoking.

3. Maintain your weight. By having normal weight it can reduce risk of HBP

4. Limit the screen time in front of T.V and computer. Be active to stay healthy.

5. Drink plenty of water; you will have less blood problems by drinking more water.

6. Reduce your stress by avoiding those things which cause you stress.

7. Reduce the amount of sodium (salt) and alcohol from your diet.

8. Breathe deeply to inhale more oxygen and exhale all your tension. Try 10 minutes in morning and at night.

9. Reduce the intake of caffeine as it increases the blood pressure.

10. Exercise daily, exercise is very helpful to make your health better.


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