Treatment For Dark Circles


Dark Circles is a very common problem, which is very troubling every second person. The major cause of dark circles is lack of sleep and stress. Dark circles eyes happen to people in all ages groups but seem to occur more in women.





CausesĀ For Dark Circles


There are a number of causes of dark circles under eyes some of which are:

* A lack of sleep and tiredness is a main cause of dark circles.

* As we grow older, the tissue of under eye is less plump and gets thinner making blood vessels more prominent. Cause of dark circles.

* Rubbing or scratching under the eye skin cause of dark circles.

* Food and dust allergies also a cause of appear dark circles.

* Research also suggests that dark circles are linked to anemia, and liver diseases.

* Dehydration is one of the most common reason of dark circle. The skin under the eye is so close the the underlying bone. When the body doesn’t have a proper amount of water, dark circles show under the eye.



Treatment For Dark Circles


* Take proper sleep. At least 8 hour sleep is must to remove dark circles.

* Drink plenty of water at least 8 to 12 glass of water in a day to moisturize and smooth skin.

* Stop rubbing under eye skin. if its itchy use ring finger tip slowly.

* Eat healthy nutritional diet. Use fresh green vegetable, fresh fruits (vitamin C and Iron) and dairy products in your diet.

* Always go out in sun wearing sunglasses and after applying sunscreen lotion on the skin around the eyes.

* In the night apply a good company’s under eye gel or cream to reduce the darkness around the eyes.

* You can hide your dark circles with a lighter shade of concealer when putting make up on your skin.

* Positive thinking reduce stress from life, try to keep happy yourself.

Try all treatment for dark circles will definitely help to reduce it.


  1. Again Thank you for your Explanation about Dark Circles however I cannot completely this image and etc. I hope good ways for remedy it and all of this illness OK .


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