Useful Benefits Of Green Tea


Green Tea

The origin of Green tea is actually from China, at first it was popular amongst many cultures throughout Asia but now Green tea is widespread amongst the whole world now due to its benefits. It is produced only through a plant, “Camellia sinensis”.

It also comes in varieties like Japanese, Chinese or any other type.

Over past decades Green Tea has proven itself both scientifically and medically, beneficial for our health and also to mention that those benefits are long lasting. Though there are too many benefits for the green tea but I’ll be discussing only some very useful benefits that I enjoy 🙂 .




Green Tea Benefits

Green decreases the risk of cancer; studies have shown that drinking two cups of green tea daily reduces the risks of development of cancer in patients by 18%.

Soothes the pain caused due inflammation of joints, which is also known as arthritis.

It lowers the cholesterol level, prevents the increase of heart attack or stroke by helping to keep to keep your arteries clean.

Its control blood suger level and balances metabolism rate.

Vitamin C in green tea helps to prevent from cold or flu.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Last but not the least, taking green tea for weight loss is a very easy effective way. Green tea stimulates your metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

The bottom line is that drinking green tea daily is one of the best health habits you can adopt. I am using green tea for weight loss, and I am extremely satisfied. Besides green tea have more other benefits too, share in the comments if you know some.



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