Useful Tips For Oily Skin


Beauty, the most important factor that effects directly to your confidence and personality. If you have oily skin you might be having dark gloomy skin problems, as oily skin attracts the dirt most.

There are different expensive products in the market and you definitely have tried different beauty or cosmetic products to overcome the oily skin problem and most of them don’t deliver what they promise.

Don’t panic for how to treat an oily skin. What if I tell you some basic little secrets, some tips of mine that has helped me to overcome the problem.



Below are list of some basic tips you won’t regret.

* Avoid oily, cheesy meals.

* Wash your face as much as you can with cold water during the day.

* Always apply astringer lotion and let it dry for 5 mins then apply any kind of make-up you like.

* Take cucumber and lime juice in equal quantity and app to your body.  Shower after 15 mins with lukewarm or cold water. Follow this step for month  and you’ll see stunning results.

* Wash your face with lime juice mixed with ice water. It will not only cleanse your skin but also give fresh look.

* Use more glycerin-based soaps.

Hope these tip will help you control the problem of oily skin. Let me know   if my articles help you, I have tons of information on beauty to write on.   Just want some appreciation to give you more beauty tips and information.



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