City panorama, skyscrapers, and other grand buildings, which are reflected in the surface of the water of rivers or lakes in the light of the many fires – the look is very exciting and magical. We offer a look at a small selection of beautiful images of cities of the world, reflected in the water.



grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (1)


grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (2)

San Diego, USA

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (3)

Vancouver, Canada

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (4)

Melbourne, Australia

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (5)

Indianapolis, IN, USA

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (6)

Moscow, Russia

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (7)

Seoul, South Korea

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (8)

Dallas, USA

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (9)

Milwaukee Lake, Michigan, USA

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (10)

Groningen, The Netherlands

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (11)


grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (12)

Yokohama, Japan

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (13)

Tampa, FL, USA

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (14)

Seattle, United States

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (15)

Helsinki, Finland

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (16)

Austin, United States

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (17)

Dokkum, The Netherlands

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (18)

Atlanta, GA, USA

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (19)

St. Petersburg, Russia

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (20)

Dresden, Germany

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (21)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

grand-buildings-reflected-in-water- (22)

Philadelphia, PA, USA