The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Japan ( 15 Photos)


The country of the rising sun really fill you with impressions and inspiration. Have you already visited Japan? Be sure to include the country in the list of places to visit in Japan mandatory. From the fact that Japan itself is beautiful, there are hidden amazing place, incredible in its beauty and power that fills tourists and locals. These beautiful places of Japan we will have opened in our collection. Enjoy!



Bamboo Grove Saga Arashiyama Park, Kyoto

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (1)


Field of the 4.5 million nezabudok Park Hitachi

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (2)

The tunnel of wisteria wisteria flowers in a garden Kawachi Fuji

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (3)

Fields Shibazakura

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (4)

River in Kawagoe

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (5)

Temple Fushimi Inari-taisha

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (6)

The trail Nakasendo

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (7)

Temple Natadera

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (8)

Pagoda Seygantodzi and waterfall Nachi-no-taki

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (9)

Festival bamboo lamps in the city of Taketa

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (10)


Blue pond in Hokkaido

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (11)


Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (12)


Kureyto Pagoda and Mount Fuji

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (13)


Aogashima Island

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (14)


Tea garden with views of Mount Fuji. Amazingly beautiful tea plantation, located in Shizuoka Prefecture

beautiful-places-to-visit-in-japan- (15)


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