1. well before leave you I want about Founder Facebook say , his name Zaderberg (if I typ correclty ), hi is jesish but born in United State, very clever, genius,with freedom’s thoughtsand revlutionary , fencer and narrator,gratyatuib in Harvard University .For 1 week he wanted set nice face of some students in there and leave this act.With all things can not good see red, green colers so choice blue , he is conservative , searching news and etc. I think with full of clevers ,one day he can see 2 colors it is believable God gived him more talent and really he demonstrated so he is one of personality that many person houner to him I hope he is success , happiness in his life beside dear his wife and in more goals . Thank you during bear me and bye. I find another group , site or may be share with Facebook

  2. The pictures are beautiful and worth visiting presumably in travel season of May. We would also be happy to have a look at a video of all travel places to have a better know of Iran.

  3. سلام
    عکسهای بسیار زیبا هستند
    خوشحال میشوم اگر از این عکسها به ایمیلم بفرستید.
    متشکرم . موفففففففففففففففففق باشید
    “HiThe pics are very niceUse these pictures as if happy masum way.Thank you. Be mofffffffffffffffffq”


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