Double Rainbow Photos


We usually have seen that common single rainbow in our life and so many people are also not aware of this double rainbow. In a double rainbow, two rainbow are seen in the sky at the same time. The scientists simply divided into primary and secondary. The primary rainbow – is a regular rainbow, to which we are accustomed. A secondary, is formed by light that is reflected in the drops twice. By the way, the secondary rainbow, due to the double reflection, shows the inverse order of colors.


We have collected this unique and gleaming double rainbow photos all over the world for you. Enjoy.


double-rainbow-photos- (1)

Central Park, New York, USA.


double-rainbow-photos- (2)

Swiss Alps.


double-rainbow-photos- (3)

Lake Superior, Michigan, USA.


double-rainbow-photos- (4)

The Namib Desert, Namibia.


double-rainbow-photos- (5)

Cerro Torre, Argentina.


double-rainbow-photos- (6)

Toroweap, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.


double-rainbow-photos- (7)

National Park White Sand National Monument, New Mexico, USA.


double-rainbow-photos- (8)

Skogafoss, Iceland.


double-rainbow-photos- (9)

Alberta, Canada.


double-rainbow-photos- (10)

North Norway.


  1. I like Rain and see Rainbow and now enjoy of your so nice Double Rainbow’s photos with your let i save some of its with blue sky .If we have a good sense sometimes its so good way to see nature then tell thank to God for more create beauty , for our eyes , lovely energy .
    I see in good , nice your posts a few in comment , you so try for selecting in this site , just somebody can tell your : Thank you or…
    Samira ( appreciate you for save your website in fild that I relax not type it again )

  2. Sorry you sent me some email but one of it about don’t wake up not open for me and now Double Rainbow photos , may be problem … please kindness to me when send me email , not with video because i cannot open it and see Error .Thank you for not forget its . I like your site .
    Samira- ( I must wait for this !!)

    • yes samira there is some problem in this link. i will send again all links via mail. thanks for coming and your comments.


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