Pakistani Actress Without Makeup (21 Photos)


Makeup is used to enhance your beauty but sometimes it can change the entire looks of yours. It can make you from a normal girl to look like a beautiful model or actresses.



Here are some photos of your favorite and famous Pakistani actress with and without makeup. You might get shocked in some photos as those Pakistani actress look entirely different and disappointing without makeup.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-mahira-khan- (1)

My Favorite, Mahira Khan the famous Pakistani film and television actress and former VJ.

She looks so beautiful, pretty and fresh as rose without makeup.

No doubt beauty lies in simplicity and her beautiful photo without makeup proves that also.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-mawra-hocane- (2)

Mawra Hocane, she is looking pretty without makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-mehwish-hayat- (3)

Mehwish hayat looks naturally beautiful without makeup. I like her smile


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-saba-qamar- (4)

Saba Qamar is looking perfect without makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-ayesha-omer- (5)

Who doesn’t know Ayesha Omer, the famous Pakistani actress, model, singer and film start.

She looks damn beautiful without make up in this photo while the makeup ones also looks perfect.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-veena-malik- (6)

Veena Malik, looking better in makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-iman-ali- (7)

Iman Ali, looking gorgeous without makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-shaista-lodhi- (8)

Shaista lodhi doesn’t looks good with and without makeup lol, naah

she looks beautiful without makeup also but since I don’t like her that’s she is not beautiful.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-nadia-khan- (9)

OMG Nadia khan, she looks so old and dull without makeup her pouty eyes are visible in this photo.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-nida-yasir- (10)

Nida yasir looks innocent and beautiful without makeup but here you can see her real complexion is little dark than in photos with makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-humaima-malik (11)

Humaima Malik looking simply beautiful even without makeup.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-hadiqa-kiani- (12)

Hadiqa Kiani Without Makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-sunita-marshal- (13)

Sunita marshal looks beautiful even without makeup, her skin looks little oily though


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-ainy-jaffri- (14)

Ainy jaffri is one of Pakistani actress and model she looks more cute and beautiful without makeup.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-amna-ilyas- (15)

Amna Ilyas is also one of the famous Pakistani actress, model and a film star but she looks like a very ordinary girl without makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-mathira- (16)

Mathira is famous but I don’t like her even with makeup lol.

Look how disappointing her looks without makeup.


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-maria-wasti- (17)

Maria Wasti Without makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-resham- (18)

Resham without makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-vaneeza-ahmed- (19)

Vaneeza Ahmed without Makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-amna-haq- (20)

Amna Haq without Makeup


pakistani-actress-without-makeup-hira-tareen- (21)

Hira Tareen is a popular Pakistani actress, model and vj but she just looks normal, nothing special to comment about

Let me know how you feel when you see your favorite Pakistani actress without makeup, do they still look pretty or your wife is more prettier hahhahahah 😀 :P.



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