6 Tips Of Cleaning Kitchen Stuff


I found this useful video which has 6 different tips of cleaning different kitchen stuff.

Since the video slide is in Urdu, not every one will be able to understand to I’ll mention the same tips below the video in English. Or if you understand Urdu just Play the video  🙂



These tips can help your kitchen smell better, make appliances last longer, and prevent germs from spreading among your family.



Cleaning Tip # 1 If your cooking-ware got water marks use vinegar to clean and forget about water stains.

Handy Tip # 2 Make a paste of baking powder with water and use it to clean dirty, greasy and smelly stains. They will be easily cleaned specially for those like wooden closet etc.

Kitchen Tip # 3 Even if you don’t use cooking ware, they become pale by time.To avoid this wrap in wax paper.

Scrubbing Tip # 4 Iron utensils become dirty very fast, scrub with salt and they will be cleaned easily

Getting rid of Fruit Flies Tip # 5 Bake a lemon and put in fruits basket to get rid of fruit flies.

Sink Cleaning Tip # 6 Use the same lemon with baking soda to sparkle clean your kitchen sink.


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