Women’s Guide For How to Pose For Photos


Who doesn’t like photography, specially when you are looking good or if its a very nice view. Even a geek will love to take a snap, capture that  moment. But I am not here to discuss master in photography. Today my post is dedicated to women, though I am a Guy and its not women’s day 😛



When it comes to taking photos or selfies, I guess women are on top in posing for photos. They have the built-in instinct for photography poses. What I think, all you have to do is jut to pull out your camera and ask a girl to pose for photos and there will a different pose on every click. Of course you should know that girl before taking their photos or you might end up in trouble LOL. Now this video can be referred as basic women’s guide for how to pose for photos. Specially if you are doing a portfolio photo. I thought this video will be a good help for those young teens who looking for modelling poses.



So girls, if you like this what I call women’s guide for how to pose for photos and find it helpful do let me know through your comments, you can even thank me personally by texting me 😉 😛


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