Beginners Fitness Workout Tips


To keep yourself fit and in shape, one should workout. People workout not only to get lean but also to gain muscle. But most of them don’t know how to get it quick and maintain it. Here I’ll be discussing some beginners fitness workout tips. Learning proper technique can help you achieve goal in less time.


Beginners Fitness Workout Tips

Each exercise has its own movements and its own set of quirks. Below are some basic beginners fitness workout tips that will help you shape your body with muscles. The following tips apply to virtually everyone, novices and grizzled experts alike.

  • Don’t get mad in workouts. Many beginners train themselves heavily assuming that the more they workout the more it would be better when first result appears. But actually you are putting strain to your body as your muscles aren’t ready to do a lot more than they actually do but they can bear a little more that. Feel like you have trained yourself but it doesn’t means that you couldn’t even lift your hand or feeling lazy to go to the bathroom.
  • Best rep practice for size gain ranges from 8 to 20. I would recommend if you are using light weight go for 20 and if your training with heavy weights, do about 8 to 12 reps.
  • Eating is the most important factor that influences the growth of a body. There are two most important times one should to should, that are when you wake up and after your workout. You need healthy breakfast to start your workout. It may consist of carbs with some proteins. Egg whites, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereals are a good example in that case. After workouts you need to regain the energy you have spent, much complex carbs and complete proteins are required in that case. Going for chicken breast or carbs + protein shake is good idea after workouts. You should consume your post workout meal within 90 mins after the workout. Except that you should consume about six small healthy meals during the day.
  • Warm up your body before starting to train yourself. You can start with the stretching exercise followed with a 10 minute running exercise on treadmill.
  • During weight lifting your muscle fibers tear down. When you have completed your workout the tissue rebuilding process starts. You should give your body adequate rests between the workouts. If you are a beginner don’t train yourself more than five times in a week. Never work on the same muscle on repeated days. Besides proper sleep helps your body become sharper physically and mentally. A minimum 8 hour sleep is recommended for the weight trainers.

 This was all for till now, but fear not my fellows as I would be writing more beginners fitness workout tips in future. Let me know if my article helped you as it boost me like warm up exercise before the workouts.



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