How To Build a Website – Part 1


How to build a website? Is it hard to build a website? What is needed to build a website? These are some of the very common questions people ask me. So, I thought to share it by writing an article so that I don’t have to answer the same to every one instead I can refer them to this article on my website :D.





Is it hard to build a website

To be very honest building a website is not that much difficult but to maintain and manage it is a pain in the…. hope you got what I meant to say 😉 :P.


What is needed to build a website?


Before you start make sure you have a brain that works and understand things lol. Secondly you need hard work and dedication. Then you need a domain name, a web hosting provider and also money to purchase the domain and hosting service. What is a domain name ? It is an address or name to access a website. For example:, here is the domain name.
Example 2:, here is the domain name. Hope this clarifies you about the domain name. What is a web hosting provider? Web hosting provider is place where you’ll have your space for the website, where you can upload your data or your website. For example: whatever images and articles you see on my website are actually uploaded on web-hosting provider and they are accessible through domain. Remember domain and web-hosting provider are not the same thing but yes, they are related to each other very closely.
Now the domain name can be of different types it can be a .com, .org, .edu, .net & etc depending on your requirement. For web hosting there are 4 types available only, i.e. Free, shared, dedicated and collocated hosting.

I will discuss in detail in my next article about type of web hosting and also domain name and how you have to choose the right one but till then I’ll suggest you to google for “000webhost” and sign up for a free account over there so that you can practice on how to build a website before you actually build a website and make is available for people all over the world.

I don’t want to discuss in much detail as it might jumble up your brain specially the one who don’t have any technical information on building a website. I hope I was very clear and made you understood the very basics of building a website and what is needed to build a website. If you have any confusion and or feedback please leave it in the comments sections at the end of the article. If I got a positive feedback on this, i’ll definitely share more in detail about how to build a website.


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